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An author box is an essential part of any blog. It usually contains a picture and a short bio description of the author of that particular blog post.

Author boxes are crucial for multi-author blogs, but even if you are the sole author of your blog, you will want to include one as well. It makes your blog more personable and your readers will identify more with you if they can put a face to the author.

Author Box used by

Author Box used by

By default, your Genesis themed blog will not include an author box. So here are the steps to enable it.

Step 1 – Create a Gravatar

The image that shows up in your author box comes from Gravatar is a free service that allows you to link your email address to your gravatar picture. So not only can you use it on your own blog, but it also appears when you comment on other wordpress blogs as well.

To enable your gravatar, head over to and create your free account. Make sure the email address you sign up with is the same email address as the user account you’re posting with on your blog. Then complete the process by uploading a nice looking headshot of yourself.

Step 2 – Compose Your Author Bio

Next go into your blog’s admin page, and go to Users > Your Profile. Scroll down until you see the text area labeled Biographical Info.


Whatever you type into this text area will show up in your Author box. If you want to include any links in your author bio, you can include the html link tag in here as well.

Step 3 – Enable the Author Box

Lastly, you’ll need to enable the author box. On the same Your Profile page, scroll down a bit more to the Author Archive Settings and you’ll see a checkbox labeled Enable Author Box on this User’s Posts. Check this, and you’re all set!


Adding an author box to your blog may seem like a little thing, but it’s a very important step in making your blog “look like a real blog”.


  1. says

    Hi Josh!

    I am really digging all of your tutorial posts. They are simple and to the point!

    By any chance would you know how to exclude the author box for individual post or page types? An explanation in your to-the-point manner would be excellent!

    • Josh Kotsay says

      That’s not something built into the Genesis author box. You will have to manually add those social icons yourself.

  2. says

    Thanks Josh!

    I have been searching for information just like this on the search engine and thank God I landed here!

    After reading what you wrote, it took me nothing-less-than 2 minute to figure it out and am happy to tell you that author box is now enabled on my BLOG.

    Thanks to you once again.

    • Josh Kotsay says

      Awesome, thanks for stopping by John. Hopefully you can make use of some of the other tutorials on the site as well. :)

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